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Application Prosecution, Registration and management of both domestic and overseas Industrial Property to secure protection
  - Application, response to the examination and registration of
  patent / utility model / trademark / design to and from Korea
  and the world
- Maintaining the registered rights
Consulting and technical advice for technology development and avoidance/circumvention design
  - Advice for registrability of developed technology
  - Advice for possibility of infringement against the products
  under development and expecting sale on the market; and
  for avoidance/circumvention design
Prior art search, infringed items investigation and issuance of warning letter
  - Prior art search for filing application, invalidation trial and
  avoidance design
- Investigating the infringed items and Issuing the warning
  letter; Mediation prior to the suit
- Providing KIPO with the information so that a third party's
  application which cannot meet the requirement may not be
  allowed for registration.
Technology evaluation and expert opinions on the claims
  - Analysis for technology evaluation
- Issing the letter of expert opinions for supplying goods
- Issing the letter of expert opinions for IP and criminal-
  related litigation
Trials relating to patent / utility model / trademark / design at IP Tribunal and Court
  - Trial against a decision to refuse, invalidation trial and
  Trial to confirm the scope of a patent right
- Appealing to patent court for revoking a trial decision or
  ruling; and to the Supreme court
Copyright and New intellectual property protection
  - Registration and protection of Copyright including
  neighboring copyrights
- Protection of the new intellectual properties including trade
  secrets, internet domain names and franchising